AMQP to Azure Service Bus with Linux

In this post I’ll create message communication from a Linux CentOS VM with AMQP to Azure Service Bus. I choosed Linux because it is on a lot of IoT related devices. This post expands my previous blogpost about amqp visual studio and rabbitmq. That post was about AMQP on a local machine, this post is about a VM and Service Bus on Microsoft Azure. I’ll describe a few steps to make it work:

  1. Create the Service Bus on Microsoft Azure
  2. Create a Linux VM on Microsoft Azure
  3. Connect to the VM via SSH
  4. Install Apache Qpid Proton-C on the VM
  5. Create a Python script to send the message

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AMQP sender and receiver with Visual Studio

AMQP is a great communication protocol and is used a lot in Internet of Things (IoT) scenario’s. The protocol works with queue’s and gives message-delivery guarantees. There is a wide support for AMQP and that support is growing.

This post describes how to build an AMQP sender and receiver with Visual Studio, where RabbitMQ is the message broker.
A few things need to be installed to make it work:

  • Erlang (17.3)
  • RabbitMQ (3.4.2)
  • Visual studio 2013 Community

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