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The internet of things is going to be big, very big. Depends on who you ask, the expected amount of devices will be between 30 and 200 billion. With the announcement of Windows 10 and the new services in Windows Azure. Microsoft is ready for the Internet of Things!

Windows 10

Windows 10 will be available on a range of devices such as PC, mobile, tablet and TV. At the moment one app can only run on one device. With Windows 10, developers only have to create one app for different devices. That means lower costs to develop an app.
The other benefit of one operating system on many different devices is innovation. Developers can use and combine all the functions of the different devices.

There are also benefits for users. More apps will be available, because one app runs on different devices. Another profit is that apps will serve their functions to users in the same way on any device.

Microsoft Azure

The more connected devices the more data that will be generated. This data must be stored and Microsoft Azure has excellent services for storing this data. Azure Storage, Azure DocumentDB and Azure SQL Database are examples of services for storing data in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure Service Bus

Microsoft Azure Service Bus

Furthermore, Operation Insights, Application Insights, Machine Learning and HD Insight, can be used to analysis the large amounts of data.

With the Internet of Things, more and more services that send and receive messages will be build. These messages need to be transported safely, quickly and correctly. Within the Azure Service Bus this transport is arranged through Relay, Queues, Topics/Subscriptions, EventHubs and NotificationHubs.


The Internet of Things market will be larger than the PC’s, smartphones, tablets and wearables market together. Obviously, Microsoft wants to be part of that market, but what have they done to reach the market so far?

Raspberry pi 2 Windows 10

Raspberry pi 2 Windows 10

July 2014: Microsoft introduced the Windows Developer Program for IoT. There is a Windows image available for Intel Galileo.

21 January 2015: Microsoft announces Windows 10. The platform will enable “scenarios across the broadest range of devices”.

2 February 2015: Microsoft releases Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi 2.

Microsoft is ready for the Internet of Things!

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