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The future looks promising with all these different devices, all these different platforms and all the data! But what about security?

IoT Toothbrush


There will be a lot of benefits from the new hardware that will fulfill different functions for customers. On the other hand, there will be a lot of new doors for cyber criminals. Your toothbrush, your umbrella and your clothes will be a potential entrance to hack into your digital world.


Beside the hardware there will be a lot of different platforms that will run on the hardware. It’s hard to believe that only large managed operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android and iOS will run on devices. There are a lot of existing devices that will be connected to the internet. Many (small) devices are currently running on some exotic or custom made operating system. They will all have their own leaks and security risks. How do you find expertise for the exotic or custom made operating system that never was meant to connect with the internet?

IoT Gateway

What’s the best security? The security you don’t need! Imagine a normal shopping center with a security guard for every entrance, that sounds achievable. But what is the shopping center will have 5 or 10 times more entrances? Do we need 5 or 10 times more security guards? Maybe it’s better to focus on the security of the valuable things, instead of the whole shopping center. Put the valuable stuff in the middle and minimalize the doors to the middle. So there will be a lot of doors from the outside, but they all lead to a few doors in the middle.


Clemens Vasters already discussed this in his blog, calling it “Service Assisted Communication”.


So for IoT there is No Security needed for all the entrances, but security for the valuable stuff. In a lot of cases that will be data, because Data is the New Oil.

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